Where your family can grow together

Family Ministry

We believe in the importance of family. Studies show that families who engage in their faith together stay committed to their faith with more consistency throughout life. We believe that families need the church. And that's a big reason we are here for you.


Children are the future. If we don't help them discover faith in Jesus, the church won't continue to grow. We're committed to helping your kids understand the Bible and experience the love of Jesus.


Teens face immense amounts of pressure to fit in, express their independence, and explore their identity. We want to help them discover who God created them to be and how they can change the world.

Young Adults

When you're new to adulthood, it can be equal parts exciting and lonely. The friends you grew up with are gone, and you're struggling to find your way in a world full of people fighting to be on top. We'll help you find the people you need in your corner to help you.


Those who have made it through years of having and raising children often find themselves in an unexpected place once the nest is empty. We'll help our older adults stay connected to people going through similar stages, while giving them a place to help younger families learn and grow.

Grace Life Christian Childcare

Grace Life Christian Childcare is a place where your children can be safe and cared for during your work week. You'll be relieved to know that your kids are being taught by a group of people who love children and who love God. You can watch your kids thrive in their faith when they are in an environment that helps them engage in it.